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Our  Story
About Us

The Clock boutique has been a trusted company dealing with wall clocks and other items of home decor in Jaipur for several years. Our founders entered this trade in the early 1960s, and since then, we have had the privilege of being a part of thousands of homes in and around Jaipur. Our customized heritage clocks are loved for their exquisite designs and unique style. We collaborated with some of the best manufacturing agencies to bring you a wide range of products, starting from a traditionally designed wall clock for your living room to a classy water fountain in your gallery, from the imposing grandfather wall clock in your drawing room to the tiny decorative digital clocks for your children’s bedrooms.

What’s next: After years of being wholesalers in the industry, and providing quality service for all our products, we are entering the market of manufacture! And our products will be available to you directly on our website, and various online portals. Ensuring quality as always, we now have the opportunity of expressing our creativity and satisfy most of your Home Decor requirements without exclusive supreme standard products. Our wide range of products includes wall clocks, water fountains, decorative mirrors, and lots of other products that you can check on our website. We hope you will allow us an opportunity to serve you!